Fishing Agency Department at CPPL

Facilitating Responsible Fishing Operations and Crew Recruitment

The Fishing Agency Department at CPPL is at the forefront of our fishing operations, overseeing vessel activities, crew recruitment, and ensuring responsible fishing practices. With a focus on sustainability and operational excellence, this department plays a crucial role in the success of our marine endeavors.


  • Vessel Operations: The Fishing Agency department manages the logistics and operations of fishing vessels, ensuring they are equipped and prepared for successful fishing trips.
  • Crew Recruitment: Our team handles the recruitment of skilled crew members for our fishing vessels, ensuring a capable workforce for safe and efficient operations.
  • Compliance and Regulation: We ensure that our fishing operations adhere to local and international regulations, promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

Key Functions:

  1. Vessel Logistics: The Fishing Agency team coordinates vessel schedules, routes, and operational requirements to optimize fishing activities.
  2. Crew Management: We oversee crew assignments, rotations, and training, ensuring that our vessels are staffed with skilled and capable seafarers.
  3. Safety and Emergency Preparedness: Our team prioritizes safety by implementing protocols and training to handle emergencies and ensure crew well-being.
  4. Environmental Stewardship: We advocate for sustainable fishing practices that preserve marine ecosystems and minimize environmental impact.


The Fishing Agency Department at CPPL is committed to promoting responsible fishing practices, ensuring crew welfare, and contributing to the sustainable management of Kiribati's marine resources.