CPPL Vacancies

Central Pacific Producers’ Ltd wishes to invite applications from suitably qualified persons to fill in the vacancies;

  • 1 Driver – L19-18
  • 1 Mechanical Superintendent – L9-7
  • 1 Quality Control Officer – 13-12
  • 1 Verification Officer – 15-14
  • 1 Account Clerk – 13-12

Full details of the post are available upon request at the Central Pacific Producer’s Ltd Office in Betio during working hours or call 75026067/75026356 for more information.
Interested applicants should apply in writing to the;
Chief Executive Officer
Central Pacific Producers Ltd
Betio, Tarawa.

Applications should include letter, CV, birth certificate, certified copies of qualifications, references from previous and current employers and current medical and police clearance.

Applications will close on 15/02/24


The signing took place on Tuesday, 03rd October 2023 at the Kiribati High Commission’s office in Suva, Fiji. The Board Director, a Representative from the Bluewaters Craft Limited Mr. Christ Tsantikos has signed the contract with a member of the Board, Ms. B’atitea Tekanito, CEO, Ms. Temarewe Tio Maitinnara and the Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Tukabu Tauati.
It was witnessed and counter-signed by the Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Tukabu Tauati. Members of the team from CPPL comprises of 2 Board of Directors, Ms. B’atitea Tekanito, Ms. Taati Eria, CEO, Ms. Temarewe Tio Maitinnara, Fleet Manager, Mr. Beetem Ueri & Acting Investment Manager, Mr. Tanoii Teaeki
The aluminum pilot boat 12 meters long will be built by Bluewaters Craft Limited in Navua Fiji. The boat will be constructed within 7 months and delivered to Suva upon completion. It will be completed in May 2024.
The price of the boat is $ 750,000 AUD, equivalent to $ 1,076,565.00 Fijian Dollars. Bluewaters Craft Ltd won the tender which was advertised for competition in April this year, 2023.
The contract agreement has gone through the office of the attorney general for review and final endorsement.
The boat will be built in compliance with the maritime rules in Kiribati and the Maritime Safety Authority in Fiji.



“Mwanangan FV Manganibuka nako Kuria ao Arankuka”.

Katanoata “Mwanangan FV Manganibuka nako Kuria ao Arankuka”.

Nakoimi aomata ao business ni kabane,
Kam na bane ni mauri.

Iai manganan FV Manganibuka nako Kuria ao Aranuka ni banen te week aei.
Ibukin te katoka kaako kam a reitaki ma aobitin CPPL Betio n te number ae 75126067 ke reitaki mangaira riananon te meeri

Kam raba



FV Manganibuka Departure Notice for Kuria and Aranuka

Dear valued customers and partners,

We are pleased to inform you that the FV Manganibuka is scheduled to depart for Kuria and Aranuka at the end of this week.

For further details and information regarding cargo loading procedures, please do not hesitate to contact CPPL Betio at 75136067 or contact us

Thank you.