At CPPL, our success is fueled by a dedicated team of professionals working across various departments. Each department plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless operations, responsible practices, and contributing to Kiribati's development.

Administration Department

Our Administration team ensures the smooth day-to-day functioning of CPPL. They manage logistics, communications, and coordination to keep the company running efficiently.

Accounts Department

The Accounts team is responsible for managing the financial aspects of CPPL. They handle budgeting, financial reporting, and ensure compliance with financial regulations.

Central Fish Market (CFM) Department

The Central Fish Market (CFM) Department at CPPL serves as a central hub for the trading of fresh, local seafood, connecting local fishermen with seafood enthusiasts and ensuring the availability of high-quality marine products for our community.

Integrated Fish Market (IFM) Department

The Integrated Fish Market (IFM) Department at CPPL is your gateway to a wide array of fresh and high-quality seafood products. We take pride in ensuring that Kiribati's marine bounty reaches your table with the utmost freshness and integrity.

Fishing Agency Department

The Fishing Agency Department at CPPL is at the forefront of our fishing operations, overseeing vessel activities, crew recruitment, and ensuring responsible fishing practices. With a focus on sustainability and operational excellence, this department plays a crucial role in the success of our marine endeavors.

Long Line Fishing Department

The Long Line Fishing Department at CPPL specializes in deep-sea fishing operations, providing a vital link in the supply chain for some of Kiribati's most sought-after marine delicacies. With a focus on responsible practices and operational excellence, this department is committed to delivering the finest catch from the open ocean.