About Us

Who We Are

We are Central Pacific Producers Limited (CPPL), a company fully owned by the Government of Kiribati through the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Development. Established in May 2001, we exist to support national development and resource marketing.

Our Location:
Our headquarters are situated in Tarawa, within the Gilbert Group.

Our Operations:
Over time, our company has expanded its activities. We provide various services, including:

Shipping: We offer sea transport for both freight and passengers within Kiribati's territory.

Foreign Fishing Companies: We act as agents for foreign fishing companies from South Korea, Taiwan, and China. Additionally, we handle the recruitment and replacement of local seafarers for these foreign fishing vessels, which is a significant source of employment for male citizens.

Charter Boats: We provide charter services for fishing and private cruising, offering speed boats at competitive prices for tourists and citizens interested in these activities.

Product Sales: We sell a range of products, including reef and deep-bottom fish, sun-dried organic seaweed, ice blocks, and fishing gear.

Stakeholders are individuals or groups affected by our operations. They have an interest in our success and can influence us positively or negatively. Our key stakeholders include:

Ministry of Environment and Social Development: They evaluate the environmental impact of our marine resource activities and export development. They also focus on protecting subsistence fisheries, marine habitats, and marine life.

Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism: They assess foreign investment in the marine sector.

Ministry of Home Affairs: They handle internal affairs, including outer island development activities.

Ministry of Line and Phoenix Groups: They oversee developments in the islands where we operate.

Other Agencies: We collaborate with the Fishing Training Centre, Council of Churches, Fisher’s Association, and Development Bank of Kiribati.

At CPPL, we are committed to contributing to the growth of Kiribati and its marine resources while maintaining a positive impact on our stakeholders and the environment.