• Quality of product and services.

    Reliability, courtesy and friendliness.
  • Accountability

    Taking responsibility for actions.

Our Mission

"To progressively widen and improve shareholder’s worth by achieving positive average growth in profitability, providing superior services to the local fishing industry and fishermen; providing quality fresh and marine products for the local and export markets; providing quality services for the foreign fishing vessels and other services related to the fishing industry".


“To be the major producer of quality marine products, one of the major facilitators for fishing operations and major service provider for the foreign fishing fleet”.

Agent for Foreign Fishing Companies

CPPL acts as an agent for foreign fishing companies from South Korea, Taiwan, and China, ensuring compliance and cooperation in the industry

Crewing Services

Specialize in recruiting and replacing local seafarers on foreign fishing vessels, providing a vital source of employment for our male citizens.

Product Sales

Offers a range of high-quality products, including reef and deep-bottom fish, tuna loins, ice blocks, and fishing gear,

Boardroom Meetings

CPPL provides fully-equipped boardroom, combining functionality with a touch of coastal charm.

Seafood Catering

At CPPL, we bring the ocean to your table with our exquisite Seafood Catering service. Whether it's a corporate event, celebration, or intimate gathering, immerse your guests in the freshest flavors of the Pacific. Our seafood catering service is designed to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Punctuality and timeliness

Arriving on time.


prompt reaction and feedback to customer’s needs. Safety for all.

Safety for all

Safety for all


Team work


Taking responsibility for actions.


Taking care of the company and customers as they were one’s own.

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